December 1, 2023

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This is a bidding-service, and it does not follow a standard pricing structure. Based on the complexity and length of your project as well as its deadline, the writers will create their own bids.


They maintained a standard that was comparable to the highest quality writing services. For a simple essay, I received bids in excess of $25 per page and a deadline of seven days.


Customers will usually pay more than they expected for these products because there are no discounts.

My review required me to order an essay on a topic related to social sciences. I needed a 2-page essay within 7 days. I selected a writer who was willing to write the essay for $27 per sheet. This writer seemed competent, so I chose him. He has completed many projects in this area. His profile indicated so.


I tried to contact the writer throughout the entire process. This is allowed, and the company boasts about it. The writer was extremely rude. I was told by him not to bother him after the deadline. I stopped sending him messages.


He delivered the paper on-time. It was terrible. It was bad. The content was not in a standard format. I was required to explain what an essay was. It was a collection random sentences that were rewritten from various blog posts. There was no thesis statement or argument, and there was no proof of the arguments. It was a disaster.

This website doesn’t have customer service representatives. It is your responsibility to work with your writer. This was impossible in my case. He did not even respond to my complaints. He didn’t respond to my complaints. reviews were shared by students who had similar experiences.


The thing that bothers me most about this website is the fact that it’s mostly fake. Scroll down to see the pricing section. You’ll find some of the most prominent writers. Right-click on any photo to click “Search Google For This Image.” You’ll see that some photos have been “borrowed.” These profiles also include links to the profiles of the writers. These links are available. All profiles are fake. I don’t like being made a fool of.


To test the service, I ordered another paper. Let me tell you, make a better decision!

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