December 3, 2023

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Loafers for Women to Show Your Style Elegantly

Just when you felt that every ‘90s style had reappeared already, there comes another footwear trend that you cannot get over. Women loafers are currently living the moment, and only for good reason -they are timeless, chic, and super comfortable for your day-to-day style. 

Just when you felt that every ‘90s style had reappeared already, there comes another footwear trend that you cannot get over. Women loafers are currently living the moment, and only for good reason -they are timeless, chic, and super comfortable for your day-to-day style. 

Amidst ongoing fashion shifts, we have been observing a major comeback of some of the most nostalgic footwear trends -including casual loafers for women and so more. Due to the dressing style adopted during the ongoing global pandemic, overall fashion has become more about comfortable clothing and footwear for women -in some cases, even gender-neutral.  

Out of all such footwear trends, women’s loafers hit all of the expected marks while remaining the ultimate go-to fashion statement quite recently. They can be regarded as the updated version of the slide era while being depicted as a more elevated style than a sneaker and more comfortable than a boot.

An Insight into the History of Loafers 

The history of loafers has been derived from Scandinavian origins. These comfortable footwear pieces were inspired by the overall comfortable and practical style of shoes of Norwegian fishermen. These styles of shoes were quite popular during the 1930s and were referred to as Bass Weejuns.  

With respect to its history, some others believe that the history of loafers for women dates back even more to the reign of King George VI. He used to put on similar footwear in the form of slip-on shoes as indoor slippers. Loafers have significantly evolved since their overall origin. Every type of loafer style has its unique history or origin.  

Irrespective of the history, the overall casual and comfortable style of the footwear has caught the attention of individuals seeking comfort in their day-to-day footwear style. During the 1950s, casual loafers for women were adapted as part of the preppy style. Therefore, they continue remaining a popular option amongst women to add some prep while taking a step forward. 

Types of Loafers You Should Own  

With several years, the base design of the classic loafers might have evolved or even remained constant. However, you can still expect some variations in different models or styles of women loafers. Some of the common types of loafers you should add to your footwear collection are:

Penny Loafers 

Initially designed for men, these loafers were created to ensure only space for a penny -usually needed to make an emergency call. The name since then has stuck.  

Like most other variants of loafers, these styles are also available in a wide range of materials and unique styles. Penny loafers gained ample popularity during the era of the ‘60s & ‘70s. It continues being a popular option for women’s shoes for the ultimate casual look throughout. These are quite trendy when designed with pure leather while featuring lug soles to bring about an edgier appearance.  

Penny loafers are currently having a major fashion moment. You can pair these with designer dress pants and sundresses. To enhance the overall style, you can add a classic pair of socks to the loafers while pairing the look with a mini skirt, a cardigan, and a polo tee for a fully-fledged stylish appearance. 

Horsebit Loafers 

These loafers are usually characterized by the detailing of the metal horsebit across the shoe’s front. The concept of horsebit loafers was introduced in 1953 by Gucci. These continue to be worn as an ultimate fashion statement for both women & men.  

The overall style of horsebit loafers has also been incorporated by several high-end brands all around the world. Designer slip-on loafers have taken up a life of their own. You can now purchase them in the form of mules, high heels, or even trendy lug-sole formats. The horsebit loafer style is nowadays swapped for creative metallic detailing -like a set of chains or charms.  

With the unmatched collection of beautiful loafers at Fizzy Goblet, you can shop for classic designs featuring stunning embroidery, embellishments, and even logo detailing. With the presence of double cushioning for ample comfort, you can shop for your favorite women’s loafers that redefine your formal fashion game.

Slipper Loafers 

These are the most formal styles of all different types of women loafers. Due to their regal origins (they were regarded as integral parts of the royal British family), it does not come as a surprise. Stylish slipper loafers bring forth the unique no-toe-stitch style for unparalleled vogue. These loafer styles are usually made out of royal materials like velvet, brocade, and so more.  

When you shop for designer styles from Fizzy Goblet, you get access to embellished styles featuring embroidery details. Most of the sought-after designs here are decorated with ornaments like bows, tassels, and pearls.

Tassel Loafers 

The origin of tassel loafers took place in America. These are regarded as one of the youngest styles of loafers out there. The concept of tassel loafers was derived from the style of penny loafers to serve as the base design. In this case, the introduction of the tassel was entirely a decorative aspect.  

Tassel loafers for women are some of the least formal footwear styles. It is primarily because they are immensely fun. In most cases, tassels are added to the fringe (known as kiltie loafers). Loafers with creative tassels help exuding a whimsical vibe throughout. 

Loafer Mules 

Loafer mules are available as backless women’s loafers. While some typical loafer styles will feature their own heel to be adorned loafers or slippers, some others are designed in the form of designer mules without any back heel or support.  

Loafer mules have become quite famous including horse-bit detailing in some cases. Most fashionistas prefer wearing them to bring about a highly laid-back aesthetic to the more serious pattern of a classic loafer.


Whether or not you prefer wearing loafers, you cannot deny that they are the most versatile footwear styles you will ever come across. With so many different styles and colors available at Fizzy Goblet, upgrade your footwear wardrobe now!