December 11, 2023

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Owner share holder -Chennai super kings limited

The Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited (CSK) is a cricket franchisee team that competes in the Indian Premier League situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company acquired the Chennai franchisee business of the BCCI – IPL titled Chennai Super Kings from Indian Cements the company incorporated in the year 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of India Cements.

This subsidiary company is not registered in any stock exchange hence CSK share price unlisted, an Indian Premier League (IPL) team, has increased by 25% year over year (YoY) to Rs. 200-205 per share as compared to Rs. 160-165 per share in 2021 due to increased interest of the investors. The CSK unlisted share price has currently traded with market caps at Rs. 6,300 crores, according to The Economic Times.

Merger & Acquisition of Chennai Super Kings


India Cements, the company that owned Chennai Super Kings, decided to demerge the IPL franchise into a wholly-owned subsidiary company (CSKCL) in September 2014. Converting Chennai Super Kings from a division into a 100% subsidiary does not affect management controls of the franchise, as India Cements continued to own it. India Cements made a bid for the Chennai franchise in 2008 amounting to $91 million. This amount is to be paid gradually over a ten-year period. The firm had fixed the record date as October 9, 2015, for the purpose of distribution of shares of CSKCL to the shareholders of India Cements Ltd. The filing informed that one share of CSKCL is equal to a single share of India Cements. Acquisition

The company acquired the Chennai franchise on 20th February 2015 of BCCI-IPL namely “Chennai Super Kings” from The India Cements Limited. India Cements Limited decided to demerge the business of the Chennai franchise and run it as a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2014. At present, India Cements has fixed Oct 9, 2021, as the record date for allotting the shares of the CSK team to the company’s shareholders. The company informed that the rationale behind the share distribution is to enable India Cements shareholders to own and manage the affairs of Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited.

Chennai Super Kings(CSK) Ltd Share price

In the year 2019, CSK becomes the second-most valuable IPL franchise as the brand value of the Chennai Super Kings is estimated at Rs.732 crores. Chennai Super Kings cricket limited shares prices are not available in the normal stock exchange as it falls under the category of Unlisted Share.

Buying of CSK unlisted shares.

Unlisted Securities also called OTC security is the type of security in form of shares, debentures, or any other securities that are not traded on an exchange but traded over the counter (OTC) market.

Selling of CSK unlisted shares.

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