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Effective guest posting: what you should not miss!

Effective guest posting: what you should not miss!

Effective guest posting: what you should not miss!

When you’re looking to build backlinks and make your content stand out in your niche, guest posting is one of the best ways to do it. Also, it is considered an important part of content marketing, because it broadens your reach and can make you a well-known brand.

To make your learning easier, this post will explain what guest posting is all about. Also, what benefits does it bring you and how to implement it successfully?

What is guest posting ?

This occurs when you invite someone, outside of your brand, to write an article that will be published on your website. The main objective of guest posting is to transmit external links from one domain to Guest Article another so that the reader visits the website of the guest author. Usually, the writer usually works in the same sector or niche that you are targeting, or is usually an expert on related topics.

Indeed, this can be a good strategy to expand your reach. For example, a collaboration to generate cross-sells or a combination like affiliate marketing.

Benefits of a Guest Writer

For reasons of camaraderie and cultural influence, it was English speakers who used this practice the most. However, today there are more people who recognize that the publication of guests brings great advantages to a company. From expanding your reach to allowing you to get in front of new audiences.

On a general level, the result of carrying out this practice has benefits in the SEO of your blog and, also, in the field of marketing in general.

From the technical aspect:

  • Improves SEO performance.
  • Build authority backlinks .
  • Drive referral traffic.
  • Improves organic positioning in search engines (Google).
  • Increase visibility and acquisition of social followers.

From a brand point of view:

  • Helps you build a profile as a thought leader about your niche.
  • It generates the synergy that motivates new partnerships.
  • It helps to get leads, users and clients.

How to write a successful guest posting article

A guest post can be done by industry insiders or writing experts without specific knowledge in the brand area. For example, a dog training expert might guest post on pet care.

Generally, blogs and guest bloggers write for similar spaces within an industry in order to:

  • attract traffic inbound to your website.
  • Boost your domain authority by using external links to high authority domains.
  • Increase credibility and brand awareness (personal or commercial).
  • Build relationships with peers in the industry.

If you want to write under the guest posting modality, this is a series of recommendations that you can apply:

  • Apply the destination blog’s manual of style and be sure to structure specifically. This includes images of certain types or sizes, etc.
  • The length of your post is important. 1,000 to 2,000 words is usually the right word count.
  • Target the buyer persona of the destination blog.
  • Subtly add quotes and links to your other posts. Try not to use more than 3 links .
  • Add your signature to this article and explain how you are an expert on that topic.
  • In general, try to keep a neutral tone and provide advice or solid information instead of making a sale.

The importance of guest blogging

You have already seen that guest blogging posts are beneficial for both parties, that is, for the publishing brand or blog and for the guest bloggers or experts. Notably, it’s a great way for the latter to get some exposure, share their ideas and expertise, increase their reach, and also build relationships with other bloggers.

Indeed, guest posting , as one of the inbound marketing tools , can generate leads. Such as important mentions in the media and job opportunities. However, it’s not as easy as simply posting your blog idea on a site.

To get published, there are a series of previous steps that you must take. Therefore, we present you with a guide so that you can offer your content correctly and increase your chances of making a guest blog post.

Guest posting process

Next, we describe a standard guest posting step-by-step :

1. Research the audience and the niche

Visit relevant industry blogs in which you are an expert or wish to write, check out forums and question and answer sites like Answerthepublic .

To go a step further, try to find published content with good metrics, using tools like BuzzSumo or Ahrefs Content Explorer.

2. Generating ideas for your posts

Once you know what your potential customers want to read about, it’s time to come up with some creative headline ideas to present to the public. Some of the most attractive ones usually start with phrases like:

  • Tips for…
  • Examples of…
  • The best examples of…
  • Benefits of…
  • Alternatives to…

3. Present your ideas before writing your articles

The idea is to cold email to get guest blogging opportunities on other sites. Once you have the right body of text, tone, and email addresses, it’s time to submit your ideas and cross your fingers.

4. Write the post

When you already have the green light from one of the blogs, it is time to write your entry following the steps and recommendations mentioned.

Guest posting is far from writing for the sake of writing . SEO guest blogging can be a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. By increasing exposure, authority and backlinks, essential traffic will be guaranteed. The same one that will help you have a better search engine positioning and attract a broader target audience.