May 19, 2024

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Orbi setup in Access Point mode and router Mode

Orbi setup in Access Point mode and router Mode

You can set up your Orbi Netgear login device in the different modes of operation. It can work as an access point mode and router mode as well.

You can set up your Orbi Netgear login device in the different modes of operation. It can work as an access point mode and router mode as well.

Orbi as router Mode

Setting up the Orbi login as router mode is the most popular model because it is the default mode for all the Orbi routers. You require this mode when the users have a standalone modem from their internet service provider. And then we want to connect the router’s internet port to the modem. In this setup, your Orbi WIFI mesh router will work on the router mode and assign the default IP address to other wireless clients. It moulds the traffic to the modem, then to the ISP, and then from ISP to the Internet.

Orbi as Access Point Mode

You can use the Orbi access point when you already have the gateway device of the router, including a modem and a router. Connect these devices to your internet service provider. In your home, if you already have a modem gateway device connected to your router and the capabilities, the LAN port of your existing gateway should be connected to the Orbi Internet port. After that, you can disable the Wi-Fi functions from the current gateway of the router. And then set the Orbi as an Access Point Mode.

  • Go to the [Advanced] tab from the dashboard of your router’s interface.
  • Then go to the Advanced orbi Setup, and from here, you can set your router to the Router or Access point mode.

Orbi Wi-Fi Login & Setup as Router mode

If you already have a modem connected to the Wi-Fi, set the Orbi on the router Mode.

  1. Connect the Orbi Pro router with the Wi-Fi network and search for the SSID.
  2. In most cases, the SSID is Orbi xx. Here the xx stands for the last two digits of your model number of the router.
  3. To search the SSID, enter the temporary orbi admin password of your Orbi Pro module on the label.
  4. The first system setup page will appear automatically. If it does not open automatically, type the web address, just at the Addy of your internet browser, and go NEXT.
  5. In further steps, the Orbi router will resolve the possible conflicts related to your IP address.
  6. If your modem router has the default IP, the host unit will use a different IP address from the private IP class.
  7. At the time of Orbi Pro router installation, you have two options to configure your router, either on access point mode or router Mode.
  8. In router mode, we install the Orbi Pro just behind the existing modem of your home network.
  9. The other devices in your home can join the network using a wired network. Or you can connect through Wi-Fi to one of the satellite units.

Setting Orbi Pro as an Access Point Mode

Unlock the web browser, whatever the android and Mac device has. The device should be on the WIFI network of your Orbi Network. Else you cannot configure the Orbi as access point mode. Enter the default web URL or at the address. And then quickly enter the NEXT tab to go NEXT.

After that, a page appears on your screen and will demand your router’s username and passcode. On the Basic home page of your router’s web interface, go to ADVANCED>then the ADVANCED SETUP>AP MODE. After that, the Access Point Mode will come to your computer’s screen. Now select settings for the IP address if you have the “Get Dynamically from Existing Router.

Then the other router will assign an IP address to this router, whereas the other is in AP mode. If you go for the option “Enable fixed IP settings on this device, select the manual IP configuration method in which a specific IP address will be assigned to this router while it is already lying in the AP mode. Get more about and contact the experts at this custom link.