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How can I fix Gmail notifications not working on iPhone?

How can I fix Gmail notifications not working on iPhone

Gmail is one of the amazing and renowned names in the world of email service providers. It has amazing features, great services, and astonishing memory. Yet the users frequently encounter technical problems like the Gmail app no connection, or notifications not working. You can read this blog carefully to find out the solutions instantly. To fix Gmail notifications not working, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important steps and instructions.

Frequent and Instant Gmail notifications not working on iPhone!

To fix Gmail notifications not working on iPhone, you must follow and apply a few important steps:

You should check your iPhone notification settings

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Now, you must navigate to the notification
  • In the notification style, you can find the Gmail app
  • Now, you should cross-check ‘allow notification; enabled for Gmail

You must enable Gmail notification settings

  • You should open a Gmail
  • And then, you can click on the gear icon, which is located at the top right corner
  • Then, you must simply click on settings and then scroll down to the notifications section
  • If the notifications section is set to disable

You should enable IMAP

  • To proceed, you must visit the official Gmail site from the browser and then log in
  • Now, you can click on settings and then select all settings
  • Now, you must click on the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  • After that, you must scroll until you see the ‘IMAP access’ section
  • And now, you must save the changes

You should simply change settings for labels sync

  • First of all, you are supposed to launch the Gmail app
  • Now, you can go to the settings
  • And then, you must click on the Gmail address
  • Now, you must tap on manage labels
  • You can configure any which have not been synced for the ‘last 30 days, and then you must restart your iPhone

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After that, you must check your wifi connections or mobile data

  • You should open the iPhone settings
  • Now, you are required to turn on the wifi
  • And then, you can check the network to which your device is connected
  • Now alternatively, you must open the iPhone control center
  • And then turn on mobile data

You can now simply update or restart your iPhone

  • You can instantly open the settings
  • After that, you must select general
  • Now, you can tap on the software update
  • Now, you must select automatic updates and then start the download iOS updates
  • Now, you can turn the toggle next to install iOS updates

You can follow and apply the steps and instructions properly, so you will be able to resolve your problems. Users also witness issues like Google can’t verify my account, which could be manually fixed without any fuss.

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