April 25, 2024


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The Ultimate Guide To How To Beat An Escape Room 

The Ultimate Guide To How To Beat An Escape Room 

The Ultimate Guide To How To Beat An Escape Room 

When you first enter an escape room, you may question how to get out because no one wants to fail; instead, they want to succeed on their first attempt so that they can brag about it. To accomplish a new goal set, it goes without saying that you want to exit a situation in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Since this is the case, you might wonder how to win in an escape room. There isn’t a set formula you can follow to exit the room quickly, but the gamemasters might have some advice, like in Room Esc

The best guidance comes from Game masters or gamers with experience with escape rooms because they are familiar with the ins and outs of these types of games and are aware of the mistakes that unsuccessful teams frequently make. The game guides are more knowledgeable than they let on during your help because they are not allowed to divulge all of their knowledge to you, as it would be boring if you all knew how to beat the escape rooms. 

However, there are specific recommendations that you may consider when participating in an escape room game because this advice comes from some of the best guides who are experts and fans of escape rooms. 

  • The first tactic you can use is to inform your team of what you have found in the room- In every escape room, the first step is to search the room for everything you can find. However, just finding is not enough; you also need to constantly communicate with your team if they discover anything that will help you solve the puzzle. The puzzle you are trying to solve may have already been solved.  It should go without saying that collaborative teams have the best chances of success.  To reduce the likelihood of any misunderstandings, communicate information with everyone. 

  • Another tip is to place all the tangible items or clues you have discovered in a single, central position inside the room so you can readily access them all, even when you are scattered or chaotic, and use them to solve the puzzles and riddles frequently. 


It’s common to forget all the hints you find when under pressure or stress. It is also common for you to think occasionally that specific tips are not particularly helpful, even though they might lead to a crucial tool for the game’s progression if you take them from one room to another room. 


  • Ask for help whenever necessary if you’re unsure what to do or can’t find a hint. Don’t wait for it because you don’t have enough time to look for it or because you can’t receive it gradually from the game masters. Given your limited time and the fact that completing the job is more vital than doing so on your terms, it is advisable to start as soon as possible. Standing still for even a little while could mean the difference between a successful escape and a defeat since many groups only manage to flee with a few seconds to spare. 


  • Pay close attention to what your guide was attempting to say and trust them because they gave you advice that would be useful throughout the session. The same strategy taught to us since we were young children to listen carefully will enable you to succeed in your attempt to flee. 


  • Working on the tasks others cannot complete and taking an active role rather than just watching will benefit you more because you will be doing what other participants must accomplish. Divide the team into sections and seek advice from people who are more competent at problem-solving while also using your judgment. Use your intellect instead of force. 


  • Don’t be afraid to fail because if you do, you’ll grow agitated and lose track of time. Instead, designate one team member to maintain the way of the broader picture and provide directions for escaping. 


  • Many people waste time looking for things that aren’t relevant, so you should know what to ignore. Some objects are rarely crucial to escape, such as furniture remnants, electronic parts installed for safety reasons, the ceiling to peer behind a drop ceiling tile or touch the top, etc. Give greater attention to the valuable items and ignore practically all the things that are so obvious they don’t even appear in the hints and might not even assist you in advancing in the game. 

These are some tips from the game guides that you may consider to beat the escape room.