April 12, 2024


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Statistical Analysis Of Medical Value Travel In India For 2023.


Affordable treatment prices, access to the most advanced medical technology, highly qualified physicians, and shorter waiting times for treatment are some of the main reasons why India is preferred for medical value travel.

Affordable treatment prices, access to the most advanced medical technology, highly qualified physicians, and shorter waiting times for treatment are some of the main reasons why India is preferred for medical value travel.

Geographically and culturally diverse, India is a country where great minds have changed both the country and how the rest of the world views it. People travel to India from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Others travel for commercial purposes, but the majority go for leisure and medical care.

What are the reasons behind the popularity of medical tourism in India?

One of the most important considerations is the affordable care provided by renowned hospitals in India. People typically hunt for equivalent care in countries that can offer it for less money. In addition, getting a visa in certain countries is a drawn-out procedure. India boasts some of the greatest IVF hospitals in the world and is always attempting to streamline and enhance the process to attract more international medical tourists. Here are a few more factors that favor India as a destination for medical value travel.

  • The top medical professionals in all specialties are found in India.
  • Facilities for contemporary medicine
  • Health care providers and, most significantly, government regulations
  • Reasonably priced lodging

What is India’s position in terms of medical tourism?

Due to the inexpensive therapies available, India ranks seventh among the 20 wellness tourist markets. Over 560 million trips for medical value tourism to India were made in 2016, bringing in 16.3 billion USD. It ranks third among Asia Pacific countries that prioritize health. Despite the Covid-19 travel restrictions, India attracted around 2 lakh international visitors for medical reasons in 2020. Although the numbers are lower than in previous years, many of those in need of treatment have already crossed borders after the travel restriction was relaxed in 2021.

Turkey, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Oman, Iraq, Maldives, Nigeria, Kenya, and tourists from Turkey are among the countries whose residents travel to India for medical treatment. After the COVID setback in 2020, it is predicted that India’s medical tourism would exceed USD 13 billion. However, there are also many people from India and other countries who prefer Turkey or other locations to receive treatment for a variety of different problems. So what distinguishes India?

Why are international patients choosing India for medical tourism?

The Indian Medical tourism business is performing incredibly well in the following areas, despite the lack of official statistics:

  • Cancer therapies.
  • Transplanting organs.
  • Dental operations such as dentures, implants, maxillofacial surgery, and so forth.
  • Techniques in cosmetic and plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, and skin treatments, among others.

While these operations are well-liked in India, Turkey, one of the most cost-effective nations you may pick for your medical vacation, is also well-liked for the same therapies. Click here for more information on Turkey’s statistics on medical tourism.

Which Indian city is the best for medical travel?

The Indian government has established facilitation centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, and Kolkata for foreign visitors. These metropolitan areas have been chosen because of

  • worldwide connectedness
  • Travel between cities is simple
  • hospitals with modern infrastructure
  • well-known and reputable physicians
  • empathetic careers
  • language Barrier doesn’t exist
  • All ethnicities may find reasonable meals and lodging for the week before and after surgery while they recover.

The country’s deteriorating infrastructure in tier II and tier III cities as well as rural development received a wake-up call from COVID 19. The Indian government took swift action in response to this deficit and provided specific credit arrangements for the construction of healthcare facilities in these towns.

Which Indian medical tourism company is the best?

There are several medical value travel businesses operating continuously in India to serve foreign patients. The leading medical value travel agencies just like Shinon Global, transforming India’s medical landscapes for the better future.

Is medical travel to India permitted?

The short answer is that in India, medical value travel is entirely legal. In order to improve the country’s reputation in the healthcare industry, the National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board, the Quality Council of India, and the Ministry of AYUSH oversee that NABH and Healthcare providers are operating effectively in the patient’s best interest.

Development of India’s Medical Tourism

The Indian government is actively promoting more medical value travel to India.

  • E-visa for visitors
  • Digital Ayushman Mission
  • Pharmaceuticals gained strength and momentum
  • Treatments that international medical tourists choose in India
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • loans for the medical and hotel industries
  • Alternative Medicine