April 21, 2024


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Customized Packaging: What do we need to know?

customized packaging

Beyond being important, betting on customized packaging with your logo or brand is a great idea to consolidate the image of your company.

Beyond being important, betting on customized packaging with your logo or brand is a great idea to consolidate the image of your company.

Nowadays, there are multiple design strategies to achieve that packaging options like custom packaging boxes with logo┬ácan connect quickly and directly with the end user, that is to say, with the customer. In general, this packaging includes the following elements to capture the consumer’s attention:


This is a graphic design that represents both the corporate image of a company and the visual identity of its brand. Example: It can range from the famous McDonald’s “M” to the word “Google” image. In short, it is the symbol or distinctive characteristic of the company.

Brand Descriptor

It defines the company’s activity and usually goes below the logo. Example: “Chocolate with Hazelnuts”. In this case, it would indicate that it is chocolate with hazelnuts.

Key Image

It represents the product. Example: Continuing with the previous case, the key image would be the photograph on the packaging box like round boxes wholesale, that is, the image of the chocolate with hazelnuts.

These three elements are essential to convey the “story” or “essence” of the product itself and what will lead the customer to decide whether to buy the product in a matter of seconds. We must pay special attention to these elements when choosing and combining them.

This article will focus on the benefits and advantages that customized packaging can bring to all companies. We will also mention some formats and types of packaging we can find and use for our products.

Benefits and Advantages of Custom Packaging

customized packaging

Customized packaging can be a very useful tool to ensure that our customers remain loyal to our brand, that is, to maintain their loyalty to us when consuming and having to choose between one product or another.

So much so that this type of sale has become a success in our times. This is an era in which E-Commerce is increasingly predominant, and, as such, the relationship between customer and company must be improved and/or strengthened using a perfect shopping experience.

The total printing of a box or packaging offers the ability to highlight the brand’s visibility and the possibility to communicate the specifications of a product, including information on the legal regulations of the labeling.

On the other hand, approximately 40% of buyers are willing to place a new order in an online store if the product’s packaging is of premium quality.

So, there is nothing like influencing a consumer and transmitting the image and idea that it is a respectable company that bets on the use of packaging and/or custom packaging. Nowadays, receiving a product packed in mylar bags wholesale that comes packaged without an identification, brand, or logo is too “poor” and unattractive for the customer.

Now, having said that, let’s see in more detail some of the main advantages we will get by customizing our packaging.


Brand Positioning

Regardless of the size of the shipment (whether large or small), what matters is that the customer has clear information about the company making the shipment. So, it is a way to enhance and increase brand positioning.

Improving the Company’s Image

The values of a company are also transmitted through personalized packaging. For this reason, we must keep in mind that it is a very important marketing element. A box with a nice exterior design that simultaneously reveals the company’s spirit will improve the image and perception that the customer may have of it.

Customer Loyalty

As we have already mentioned above, a company can build customer loyalty when offering a good image. There is no doubt that when a customer frequently consumes a brand’s products, it is clear that he is more than satisfied with them. And when this happens, they tend to recommend them to their family and friends.

Delivery and Take Away as Success Stories

Nowadays, both Delivery (food delivery) and Take Away are a type of catering businesses that are very present in our society. That is why customized packaging design is so important for this type of company since it is essential when differentiating itself from the competition.

How Personalized Packaging Influences Them?

As we have mentioned throughout this article, personalized packaging like mylar bags wholesale has a great influence when it comes to “selling” our brand. Next, let’s see what the main advantages and benefits that this marketing element can bring to the catering as mentioned above businesses are:

  • In businesses such as Delivery or Take Away, consumers’ first contact with your brand is usually the packaging. So, if it is appropriate and suitable to the point of arousing the customer’s interest, we will give him reasons to place new orders or orders in our establishment.
  • Possibility of attracting new customers thanks to the famous “word of mouth”.
  • If your business’s packaging has a careful, creative, attractive and original design, you will get great diffusion in the different social networks of your customers.
  • Undoubtedly, packaging is a marketing element that will travel the streets of your city, promoting your brand image.

In short, good customized packaging like mylar bags wholesale that attracts the public’s attention is the best value any company can have to attract new customers and spread its brand.