March 2, 2024

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The Most Interesting Things to Do in Goa during December 2023

It’s no secret that every Indian traveler’s dream trip is to visit Goa in December. Because of the enormous influence that this little sunkissed state has had on Indian visitors’ minds over the past years, everyone wants to go to Goa. Goa is a stunning location with some of India’s most stunning beaches, a mild climate, an abundance of flora, and the friendliest people in the nation. There’s no best month to visit Goa than December, as the destination is always associated with enjoyment and leisure. Goa comes to life in December while most other regions of the country have cold weather due to the city’s consistent 20°C weather. Goa experiences a pleasant December climate, averaging around 20 degrees Celsius, which is considerably warmer than the majority of the country, which is subzero.

The top 5 fascinating activities to do in Goa in December 2023 are listed here.

  1. The Famous Sunburn Festival

December after Christmas marks the beginning of a week of nonstop partying that is unparalleled in the nation. Goa, which last week spent three days rocking to some of the best DJs and musicians in the globe With people from all over the world and an abundance of excitement, December is a unique month to be in. Sunburn Goa’s website is where you can purchase tickets for this year’s event and find out more about the musicians, itinerary, and other details. This year’s Sunburn Festival, scheduled for December 27–30 at Vagator Beach, looks to be an unforgettable celebration. You can take option of car rental at Goa airport to travel around in Goa with full flexibility and freedom. 

  1. Mandovi River Cruise

An intriguing approach to experience the Mandovi River is by taking a river cruise. You can choose a houseboat, sailboat, or yacht for a particular purpose, such as watching the sunset, hosting a party or dinner, or going on a nature cruise. Mandovi Cruises’ sailing itinerary offers the opportunity to discover the Portuguese colonies, Vanxim, Divar, and Chorao Islands. The thrilling fusion of Goan hospitality and lifestyle on the cruises ensures that the visitors have an unforgettable time. To reach river cruises, these companies provides pickup and drop services from hotel or you can also come at docking point by your own self drive car in Goa.

  1. Christmas Vibe & Celebration

Goa is predominantly a Christian region with old churches and a strong Christian heritage, so visiting during the Christmas season is fortunate. Everyone is engulfed in a dizzying mood of celebratory fervour as the place is changed. The enormous and exquisitely decorated churches, the innumerable booths offering freshly cooked cakes and chocolates, and the contagious spirit of joy and celebration make Old Goa an amazing place to visit in December. During the Christmas season in Goa, several well-known churches worth visiting are the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, and St. Francis of Assisi Church. Christmas time in Goa is one of the best times of the year to visit.

  1. Visit Dudsagar Waterfall

Kuveshi village is the starting point for one of the most exciting trekking routes. This trek path, in contrast to the others, passes through a jungle and has varying grades. The moderate difficulty level and breathtaking views more than make up for the extended trek. The Mandovi River, which the trail traverses, may get rather choppy and flooded during the monsoon season, thus it is not recommended to make this journey during that time of year. There is another 11km trekking trail that begins at the Kulhem/Collem railway station. This one is easy in terms of difficulty. Still, the walking track that begins at Karnataka’s Castle Rock station is the most popular among visitors. You can hire self drive cars in Goa airport to reach Dudsagar waterfall by driving yourself.

  1. Visit Casinos on river Mandovi

Goa is commonly associated with beautiful beaches, an exciting nightlife, and most importantly, casinos. There are many casinos in Goa to select from, each with a unique set of attractions like cuisine, beverages, and stunning sea views. You can go to these casinos at any time of day or night. Whatever game you choose to play—poker, roulette, black jack, etc.—a casino in Goa guarantees an exciting experience.

One of the greatest places to travel in December is Goa. These incredible December activities in Goa will undoubtedly make your trip there unforgettable!