June 19, 2024


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Cellular IoT Connectivity – An Article from IEBS

Manufacturing industries worldwide are transforming their business with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and improve the industry’s efficiency. The implementation of Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) projects is affected by the choice of connectivity on how the solution performs, like effective range, reliability, device battery, the speed at which data is transferred, the amount of data, and so on. Although options for connectivity are available, cellular IoT has become popular because of its simple, secure, and scalable ways of connecting devices.

Cellular IoT is becoming widespread as it increases in popularity as its devices are becoming cheaper. Many organizations and industries use cellular IoT networks for various business problems and to enable smart manufacturing. Organizations are establishing connectivity to secure data from devices for many projects.

Cellular connectivity in Industrial IoT application

In Industrial engineering, it has always been a goal to link connected devices to cellular networks, such as autonomous manufacturing equipment and factory automation systems, as mobile technologies have provided to seemingly increase the speed and expansion of data processing capabilities for company systems. Cellular connectivity has given the ability to transmit and process a large amount of data for companies within seconds and does not need to send all data to a centralized IT infrastructure. With this, organizations can implement strategies for monitoring machine health, with some help from wireless industrial IoT sensors, without needing to build their infrastructure.

Impact of different cellular standards on IoT connectivity

Cellular connections are highly flexible with various protocols as vendors introduce new devices for cellular IoT like IoT apps, IIoT system integration, and device analytics solution fit for IoT-ready routers and gateways and new solutions. Incorporating cellular connectivity for scaling IoT solutions can increase the efficiency of industrial IoT rollouts and fast reconfiguring to meet evolving business needs.

The need for reliable connectivity is essential for obtaining critical information about the condition of machines, like their health and performance. Therefore, companies are pushing newer technologies to offer faster and more accurate information. These have become popular among businesses for smooth global deployment and scalable IoT solutions. The deployment of a cellular IoT system can only be effective when companies of solution providers and users are looking for information for worldwide support.

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