May 29, 2024

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What Makes Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Wraps The Perfect Choice For Your Tesla?

Tesla wraps are a favorite amongst Tesla enthusiast for a number of different reasons when it comes to protecting the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer paint. It is easily one of the best customizable options that let you choose the exact color and shade you want for your Tesla without having to redo the paint of your four-wheeler. Teslas and other High-end models of the same category deserve the best services available in the market and the Tesla Model 3 vinyl wrap is easily a smart course of action when compared to the other alternatives. 


Unlike repainting your Tesla, vinyl wraps do not in any way damage the OEM paint. This additional protective layer not only makes your Tesla look smarter and sleeker but also provides protection from several factors including UV rays and chemicals. The variety of color options and gradients is also mind-blowing. If you have been wondering why Tesla Model 3 vinyl wrap could be your Tesla’s best friend, here’s why. 

  • An Extensive Collection of Customizable Options: With a color palette of over 150 hues at your disposal, there is no way you can go wrong with the Tesla Model 3 vinyl wraps. Each shade is unique and can bring out the owner’s personality when done correctly. The final effect is a smooth, glossy exterior that is a definite show stealer wherever you go. You could also go for a matte finish or choose from the wide array of textures. If you want all the attention on your beloved Tesla 3 Model, vinyl wraps are a classic selection. With these vehicle wraps, you could personalize your Tesla completely and get the exact feel you want and drive around in style!

  • Ease of Application and Removal: If you are one of those who like to flaunt a different shade every few months, Tesla Model 3 vinyl wraps are your savior. It only takes two to three days to apply a fresh wrap on your Tesla, and is a quick and efficient mode of customization. Moreover, these vinyl coverings can be easily removed and replaced with a different shade as per the customer’s desire within a very short span of time. So you could change and flaunt any shade you want, whenever you want it. 

  • Overall Protection of the Tesla: The vinyl wraps are the ideal choice if you are looking for a way to protect your OEM paint. The Tesla Model 3 vinyl wraps are resistant to UV rays and chemical pollutants that can oxidize the original paint and cause it to fade or chip off. Similarly, it protects your Tesla’s body from road debris and dust as well as rain, wind, and snow. 

  • High Resale Value: If the OEM paint gets damaged, no matter how properly you maintain your Tesla, the resale value is going to drop. Since appearance is one of the very first aspects of the Tesla a future customer will be looking at, maintaining the OEM paint in mint condition is extremely important if you plan to resale your Tesla. The Tesla Model 3 vinyl wrap offers ultimate protection to your Tesla’s OEM paint, thereby increasing the resale value. And if there’s any damaged section on your vehicle wrap instead of redoing the whole body, you can just replace the concerned area without any hassle!


There are many more advantages of Tesla Model 3 vinyl wrap that make it the perfect match for your Tesla.