May 28, 2024

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Samsung Galaxy Gear, analysis Somehow you about in 2023!

Samsung Galaxy Gear, analysis Somehow you about in 2023!

Samsung Galaxy Gear, analysis Somehow you about in 2023!


The Samsung Galaxy Gear is surely the most popular actor in the race to conquer the “smartwatch” , that space on our wrists in which manufacturers of various kinds are trying to offer a proposal that convinces us of the goodness of connectivity. and apps on the watch.

In a category in which there is still no winning horse in sight – upcoming mobiles in Bangladesh, even if the concept itself is going to take hold among the general public – the proposals of each brand seem to emphasize a different section each. Galaxy Gear comes loaded with technology, from applications on the watch to a camera integrated into the strap, but what will interest us above all in this analysis is to determine if it adds value to justify its price beyond the novelty effect. Let’s go there

Technical characteristics

Before starting the review, a quick look at the main features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear:

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 56.6 x 36.8 x 11.1mm; 73.8g
SCREEN 1.63-inch sAMOLED.
RESOLUTION 320 x 320 pixels
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.0; NFC in the charging case
CONNECTION microUSB in the charging case; owner on the clock
MEMORY 512 megabytes of RAM; 4GB disk
CAMERA 1.9 MP autofocus, records video at 720p / 30 fps
COMPATIBILITY With high-end Samsung: Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy S4, S3, etc.. see Xataka Android
PRICE 299 euros

In the specifications we begin to see that the approach to Samsung’s smartwatch is peculiar. On the one hand, it has the characteristics of a device that could be independent when running applications and has the power to run them (in addition to those 512 megabytes and 4GB of disk, it has an 800 Mhz single-core Exynos processor), but it follows the vision of “smartphone complement” with which we must pair it if we want to take advantage of it.

As in the case of the analysis of the Sony Smartwatch 2, we have decided to divide the review of the Galaxy Gear into two parts. On the one hand we will attend to its facet as a watch and on the other to its role as a “smartwatch”.

Samsung Galaxy Gear as a watch: design

The first thing that attracts attention in the Samsung watch is the size. It stands out at first glance as a large, striking device, longer than it is wide, and fitting in with the trend for large men’s watches. Around the generous screen – we will return to it later – four screws that help reinforce the positioning of the product: technological and industrial, something to which steel helps a lot .

A single side button crowns a first impression that, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Price in Bangladesh, here one cannot help but fall into a certain subjectivism, Samsung has solved in a solvent way but without going down in design history as an iconic product.

The watch forms a piece with the strap that is irreplaceable because part of the logic is there with the camera. Made of plastic and with six available colors, it wins to the touch with its rough surface and does not clash with the careful and premium approach of the device. At this point, Samsung seems to have taken into account that the watch is a fashion accessory and that taking care of materials and appearance is essential if it wants to position the Galaxy Gear.

Despite the thickness – the only point that really penalizes the Gear’s design – in weight it is not more than what one can admit in a large watch and with which one expects to receive a lot of value. It transmits a great feeling of robustness on the wrist and, in my opinion, as passionate much more for technology than for fashion, it is quite attractive .

Samsung Galaxy Gear: How It Works

The first thing to note about the Gear in operation is its generous screen. 1.63 inches with a resolution of 320 x 320 Super AMOLED that performs magnificently, both for regular operations and even viewing photos on it. Of course , this screen, together with the high computing capacity of the device, have a high price in terms of autonomy .

And here we get into some of the more problematic variables with the Galaxy Gear. To increase autonomy, the screen is off by default and only turns on if we press the side button or, this is configurable, with the wrist gesture by which we turn the watch towards us. At first it seems like an acceptable strategy, but in Samsung’s implementation it has two problems: one is that the flick of the wrist gesture has a certain error rate, that is, sometimes we try and the screen does not turn on. It happens 1 out of 20 times, but when it does it’s irritating to want to look at the time and have the device force us to turn or press the button again. Even when it works well, there is a small delay of tenths of a second that is still a worse experience compared to watches with the screen always on.

The other problem is that, despite this, the autonomy that Gear offers us if we have it synchronized with the mobile phone is one day . It certainly lasts the whole day and it is just a matter of charging it every night, at least they reach the level that we can not worry about if we follow the daily routine of leaving it charging while we sleep, but the drop in autonomy compared to a normal watch is enormous. We cannot forget a couple of days of the device because we are left without a watch, it keeps us in the same tension of autonomy almost as the smartphone.

Regarding the charge, there is another additional aspect, which is the need for its casing for it. It fits very well and is quick to reach 100% charge, but requires another add-on to the microUSB cable and plug.

In the “water resistance” variable , Samsung doesn’t brag about it but the Gear complies with IP-55 (see official website ). This means that in principle it is resistant to dust and water if touched in small amounts, but it is not at all submersible. Again we have an aspect against the Gear, if it is time to wash your hands one can be more or less calm but oh if you forget when it is time to bathe the children or go to the shower.

It is clear that the Galaxy Gear asks for several tolls as a watch , the question is in the next section. Is what it offers as a smartwatch worth enough for this sacrifice as a normal watch?


Something important to highlight in Gear is that its bet is not only that of a window to what happens in the smartphone, but also that it has a strong claim that many actions can be solved only with the watch, further minimising the number of times that We took the cell phone out of the pocket . We are going to see some of them in a small amateur video that I have recorded to show it.