May 28, 2024

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Write Guest articles at home: let’s find out how!

Do you want to earn money sitting at home? Or want to increase your income a little through a part-time job? So, you too can grab the opportunity to earn money by writing articles from home.

Write Guest articles at home: let’s find out how!

Do you want to earn money sitting at home? Or want to increase your income a little through a part-time job? So, you too can grab the opportunity to earn money by writing articles from home.

It is very easily possible in this digital world if you can adopt the right way to earn online by writing articles. Many people do not know this right way, so they fall into the clutches of some fake or broker type people.

In this blog you will know all the process of article writing and ways of earning. Which will give you a steady earning and a successful freelancing career.

Due to the huge loss of business in the COVID 19 or Corona Pandemic, the source of income has reduced a lot. It is still not very safe to work outside the house, especially if it is a crowded area.

In this situation it is better to work from home. But the question is, how do you earn money sitting at home?

The bigger question is, there are many ways, but are they all secure?

Apart from this, there are some other questions which you will get answers in this blog, such as –

  • Exactly where will the income come from? Or how to do it?
  • What kind of qualification is required for writing?
  • What can be expected in this profession without any experience?

Let’s see.

You can earn up to thousands of rupees every day by writing articles in any language on various topics. But in online work you need enough hard work and persistence. Take care of that.

Below are the ways to earn money by writing articles. Keep reading and find out what is article writing?

Table of Contents

  • Income by writing an article – what is the matter?
  • What are the rules for writing articles?
  • What are the rules to earn by writing articles?
  • Conclusion

Income by writing an article – what is the matter?

 Article writing or Guest content writing is about providing the necessary information about a subject or object. Article writing is about gathering enough knowledge about any subject you know or don’t know, and organising it beautifully and serving it in the form of a blog or article.

Note : It is written not only in Bengali, English or Hindi, but in any mother tongue. So no matter what language you know, you can be a successful article writer.

You can express your article in minimum 300 words or more. Earlier, articles were written only in newspapers, magazines or pages of books. But now you can also publish your articles on various forums, blogs, digital markets and earn money through it.

What are the rules for writing articles?

Some general or basic rules, if you don’t know them, you will get off to a shaky start

There are some general rules that you should follow when writing articles. These small simple but important rules help to make your articles interesting.

First of all, keep in mind that your reader friends will be interested in reading your content. Each word or line should be replaced in such a way that your readers will enjoy reading it till the end.

Present the content in a simple and straightforward manner so that anyone can easily understand the whole thing.

These are very simple rules, but if you follow them and structure your writing correctly, you will undoubtedly succeed in making a name for yourself in the market as a content writer in no time.

Highlight the subject that you are good at, that you have extensive knowledge about, and can provide accurate information to your viewers. The more you know about the topic, the more details you can provide to your viewers.

Now let’s talk about how to write interesting or interesting articles.

 If your article is interesting as you are reading this article, then your viewers will undoubtedly increase and your earning path will expand.

 Short and catchy title: First of all you need to give the article a catchy and catchy title. A title that sums up your topic, article titles make people want to read your article. It should be very clear, so that people understand what the subject matter of your article is.

  1. Short Paragraphs: Always try to keep your article paragraphs short. Because short paragraphs attract readers, long paragraphs on the other hand mean people lose interest in reading it. Now is the age of reels so every second is important. Short paragraphs make the article clear and friendly.
  2. Funny or Attractive Heading: The more beautiful the article is made up of, the more beautiful and interesting it will be. Headings like – H1, H2 ..3..4 etc. Subheading analyzes your article by dividing it into parts that make the article easier to read and understand.
  3. Use of images: Images attract the eye of all of us. So decorate the article with beautiful pictures, remember that all pictures or images should be copyright free, and of course they should be related to your article. This will make people interested and happy to read your articles.
  4. Application of minimum words: When writing an article, try to write it in at least 500 words. You can write more than that (1000-1800) words, but don’t write less than 500. Remember that the more words and simple language you write, the more people will enjoy reading your topic.

If you stick to the basic formula of all these articles, your writing will be interesting and people will read more of your articles. Above I discussed the method of article writing. Now let’s see where you can publish your articles and how to earn from them.

However, if you want to post your written article on your own blog, then you need to ensure that the necessary SEO work is done to rank it in the search engines .

What are the rules to earn by writing articles?

 You know how to write an article but now the question is where to post the article? Where can you earn money for your articles?

Content writing or article writing is now one of the ways of income. So you need to know the right medium.

Below are some ways to earn income by writing articles online.

  1. Blog – Income through:

You can create your own blog website, and you can earn money easily by posting your articles on that website. You can attract visitors to the website by writing articles on various topics. And when the views of your website will increase then you will start earning money from it.

You have to be patient and post articles continuously on multiple topics. Only then can you attract viewers. As long as you have an article on your blog, you can earn money from it.

  1. Income by writing articles on other blogs:

You can also become a paid guest i.e. earn money by posting your articles on other blogs.

There are many website owners in the online market who are looking for writers for their blogs. You can also write articles for them if you want. They will pay you a fixed amount, for each of your articles.

The website owner will let you write articles on the topic, you must write original content. Do not copy from other articles. The more original and better you write, the more work you will get.

  1. Earn by selling your own articles:

Currently you can earn by selling your articles to other big brands. But for that your writing should be of very high quality. Because now the competition of content writers in the market has increased a lot.

Some of the websites where articles can be sold are – fiverr, hirewriter, etc.

  1. Income through Copywriting:

Copywriting is one of the ways to earn through online articles. It will give you some scanned files to just view and type.

Currently, there are many such copywriting jobs available in the market like fiver, freelancing, upwork etc. You just need to find work by bidding.


Making money by writing articles from home is not a new idea. Due to the availability of internet and computer technology, it has become a very common means of earning all over the world today. I hope I have been able to present all the information related to the article here. If you love to write, or writing is a passion of yours, then definitely come to this writing field and start earning from now. You don’t need to take any special course for article writing or content writing. You can go far because of your own creativity. If anything is needed in this field, it is your patience.

Hopefully, you will benefit from this blog and be able to earn from home the right way.

Keep writing, stay well. Of course, let me know how you liked today’s blog in the comment section.

means of income. Start writing articles without delay and enjoy your extra income.