May 18, 2024

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A Guide On The Best Scholarship For School For Students At Cbse High School In Ahmedabad 

There are many prestigious schools in Ahmedabad that offer class 9 and CBSE high school students a significant and the best scholarship for school programs for various student categories.

There are many prestigious schools in Ahmedabad that offer class 9 and CBSE high school students a significant and the best scholarship for school programs for various student categories.

The main categories for which these scholarships are offered are those for kids who excel in academics and athletics. Let’s examine this in more detail.


Class 9 and CBSE High School in Ahmedabad Scholarships

The well-known and highly acclaimed scholarships granted by the Global Indian International School, Ahmedabad, are an excellent example of the kind of scholarships that students in Class 9 through CBSE high school might anticipate. 

The Global Citizen Scholarship, which is open to students in classes 11 and 12, is one of the school’s most well-known scholarships in keeping with the institution’s global focus. One must receive at least 93 percent on their exams in order to be eligible for this two-year scholarship.

The scholarship covers all educational expenditures for the two-year period, including tuition and housing and accommodation costs at any campus of the Global Indian International School.

The applicants for this award must be in grade 10 at the time of application. The Global Future Ready Scholarship, which is available to students in grades 6 through 12, is the other well-known scholarship provided by the institution. 


CBSE Scholarship for Single Girl Child


Students in classes 1O and 12 may apply for this scholarship, which is one of many that CBSE offers to finance the education of a single, academically gifted girl kid.

The student in question must have received more than 60 percent of the possible points in class 10 and their tuition must not exceed Rs. 1500 in order to be eligible for this award. The student is entitled to Rs. 500 each month under the scholarship.

Scholarships based on Academic Excellence at GIIS


Most Ahmedabad GIIS scholarship panels initially check to see if the applicants did well on at least the previous two years’ worth of tests. The scholarship board also requires prerequisite documentation in order to ensure that no fraud is committed while selecting scholarship recipients. 

The scholarship administrators attest that the applications’ supporting materials came from organisations whose educational standards align with those of GIIS. Also read about the class 6 admission process at GIIS school. 

The wonderful aspect is that GIIS Ahmedabad has given out over 150 awards to deserving students. As they compete for the prizes, students keep good marks as a result. The scholarship committee also evaluates the academic material provided on the application to determine how much a student deserves to get the award.



Excellent education paves the way for great achievement in life. Children should have access to the kind of education that enables them to develop wings and soar far in pursuit of their objectives in order to achieve this.

Having said that, some parents find the cost of a quality education to be a little high.

High Schools in Ahmedabad and other organisations stand up and offer significant scholarships that help gifted and hardworking children with the potential to become super achievers at this time, doing a wonderful service.

The CBSE high school in Ahmedabad scholarships may be given based on a student’s academic prowess, athletic prowess, or competence in a particular field, such as technology.

India is a huge country with a significant population of extremely gifted children who, with the correct instruction, direction, and mentoring, have the potential to compete on a global level. 

It would be a shame if some of these intelligent and motivated youngsters were unable to obtain the quality of education they merit due to financial limitations. Reach out to us