June 23, 2024


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Steamist SMP Vs. TSG Product Line: Which is the best for You?

Steamist’s Steamist and TSG line of products is among the top-selling saunas on the market.

Do you know the difference between these two models?

Let us explain the distinctions between these two models to enable you to make an informed choice in purchasing the steam generator.

Steamist SMP Vs. TSG: Most Significant Differences

The major distinction between SMP, as well as TSG generators, is the former includes additional features: Steady Steam and Instamist.

These model TSG also heat up quicker and therefore are more efficient in steam showers.

With the Instamist models, TSG models can generate steam in less than one minute. Steady Steam is a feature that can be found on the Instamist Steady Steam function is a high-tech temperature control system that allows the machine to warm up more quickly.

Other Features that Differentiate the TSG and SMP Models

In addition to these features, in addition, you can get four different packages that include TSG models to improve the shower experience.

These packages include:

Chroma Sense

Chroma Sense lets you alter the hue that your shower. It doesn’t matter if you find certain colors more soothing or prefer to personalize your shower according to your preferences, Chroma Sense comes in handy in most instances.

Aroma Sense

With Aroma Sense you can also benefit from the benefits of aromatherapy while you shower. Steamist also offers essential oils that can be installed in your sauna area for keeping your sauna smelling nice.


If listening to music while in your shower sounds like something that you like and want to enjoy, then Audio Sense is the perfect feature for you. The audience lets you listen to music while taking bath.

Shower Sense

Shower Sense offers a follow-up fresh shower using three different outlets after you’ve finished with your steaming experience. You can alter the temperatures of the shower according to your preferences.