April 23, 2024


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Completely Recruit appropriate Guest bloggers in 2023!

Completely Recruit appropriate Guest bloggers!

Completely Recruit appropriate Guest bloggers!

Let’s face it: nowadays, presenting quality content on a website is one of the best ways to strengthen and grow a business. By creating personalised content that targets your market and audience, you’ll be able to attract new leads while driving sales.

In this regard, guest bloggers are a great way to provide your loyal readers with a fresh perspective while increasing the visibility and credibility of your blog and business. Building relationships with other entrepreneurs in your market has many benefits.

So how do you find someone to guest blog, and what should your criteria be? Here are some essentials to know about the ins and outs of guest blogging:

How to Recruit Great Guest Bloggers

Look at his team

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If you’re looking for someone who can write a compelling article, we suggest looking to your team members before moving on to internal resources. Not only do your current employees know your company well, but they are also aware of what is happening in the market, and moreover, the search for new talent within your team will be seen as an encouragement. Since multiple team members share their knowledge, you will have a variety of different perspectives related to your business.

Also, by featuring someone on your team, your content will be much more diverse and it can work in your favor to boost engagement with readers. Of course, not everyone is a content creator by nature, so if possible, have your team members write sample copy to see if there’s potential there.  

If time permits, lead a content creation workshop and find compelling ways to engage them or develop their skills. It’s also worth considering providing a style guide for team members who find writing a challenge. Provide constructive criticism and be prepared to accept revisions!

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Next, announce that you are looking for guest bloggers

Another great way to find guest bloggers is to advertise it on your blog! Try writing a post aimed at those who work in your field but are interested in writing. This article might even include a small “how to” section detailing how your team builds their content. Be creative! 

If you plan to use long-term guest bloggers, you can create a “Become a guest blogger” page that includes all the details and information on how bloggers can submit their posts, as well as the topics and type of content you are looking for. Highlight some of the ways guest bloggers can be an asset to fueling your blog, and you’ll see the submissions pile up! Of course, be transparent and upfront about the fees, the editing process, and all the surrounding details.

Look on social networks

We hope that you already use social media to promote your business, as checking out these platforms can also be very helpful in finding potential guest bloggers. Social media allows you to share quality content while stimulating exchanges with your subscribers. When looking for guest bloggers, we suggest trying LinkedIn and Twitter before other platforms, as that’s where you’re likely to find a good pool of talent.

By using the search function and checking a few key hashtags for your market, you should be able to find good writers who cultivate a strong social media presence and whose posts have a lot of reach. Finding a guest blogger with such a strong social media presence will increase the number of readers and possible subscribers to your site. Increasing the reach of your content is crucial to growing your business!

Sign content collaboration agreements with experts in your field

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Even if you run a small business or start-up, that doesn’t mean you should avoid reaching out to experts within your niche market. Make sure that if you’re reaching out to experts in your field, you’re confident about your work, while outlining the ways a potential deal would benefit both parties. It goes without saying that experts will bring new expertise to your site while expanding the reach of your online readership.

Also, it will help build a new sense of credibility and trust with your current and potential customers. Working with an expert in your field will add a layer of legitimacy to your business. Although it can be difficult for small businesses to convince the experts to participate, it is better to take a chance and dare.