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What is Phoenix Male Enhancement? Read This article Before Buy

The Phoenix Male enhancement is the most effective physician-recommended use at-home device. The device is based on acoustic wave therapy also known as shockwave therapy.   It emits low-intensity sound waves into the penis that with continuous use improves erectile function. It can break up blockages in existing blood vessels to allow for greater blood flow into the area.

What is Phoenix Male Enhancement?

The Phoenix Male enhancement is the most effective physician-recommended use at-home device. The device is based on acoustic wave therapy also known as shockwave therapy.   It emits low-intensity sound waves into the penis that with continuous use improves erectile function. It can break up blockages in existing blood vessels to allow for greater blood flow into the area.

Unlike chemically treated supplements or medicines, the Phoenix male enhancement device is completely safe and does not have any side effects on health. It is designed with the support and under the supervision of certified medical experts and physicians to revitalize erections and improve sexual health in an affordable manner in the comfort of their homes.

It is currently the most powerful standalone solution for those that are not receiving additional therapies or using any medication or supplements for erectile dysfunction or improving sexual health. Unlike pills and injections in the market that just mask your low sexual health or ED symptoms temporary, Phoenix male enhancement device improves sexual health, erection ability, boost libido and intensify orgasms naturally.

How does it Work?

The Phoenix ED device improves erection dysfunction using acoustic wave therapy. Unlike supplements and injections that temporarily treat erectile dysfunction or mask its symptoms, Phoenix ED device improve natural erection ability through acoustic waves.

This acoustic waves or shockwave therapy radiate low-intensity sound waves that open up blockages exist in the blood vessels or expands blood vessels when penetrate into the penis. The expansion of blood vessels or treating blockages increases blood flow in the penile chamber. Moreover,

A wand like acoustic device emits shockwaves through its tip along that causes micro trauma leads to the expansion and creation of blood vessels in the penile chamber. The dual effect paves way for the better flow of blood and circulation of oxygen. The muscles in the penile chamber start to grow and result in developing new cells, expanding penile chambers, harder erections, and intense orgasms. Watch the video explanation here

The Phoenix Benefits

According to the official website, The Phoenix uses clinical-grade technology to provide benefits like:

  • Improve sexual health
  • Reverse sexual decline
  • Boost sexual performance
  • Increase bedroom confidence
  • Keep up with your partner at any age
  • Save $34,000+ after 70 treatments compared to in-person clinic care

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How The Phoenix Therapy Sessions Work

Using The Phoenix is easy, and anyone can perform clinical-grade therapy from the comfort of home:

  • Move the tip of The Phoenix along five lines of travel, moving at speed indicated by the blue pacing lights
  • The patented guiding system of The Phoenix ensures you’re using proper technique every time
  • Treatments take only 17 minutes and are performed twice per week
  • The Phoenix’s therapy is not painful, although you can hear and feel the power behind the device as shockwaves are released.
  • Once you’re done using The Phoenix, the device initiates a 36-hour lockdown to prevent over-treatment
  • Overall, The Phoenix’s treatments are foolproof. The device shows you where to place the tip and how long.

The makers of The Phoenix compare the device to the gym: you’re not going to see results overnight. However, you can eventually see significant results by sticking to the program and following the protocol.

How to Setup & Use The Phoenix

Launch Medical has designed The Phoenix to be easy for anyone to use. Here’s how to set up and use The Phoenix:

  • Remove The Phoenix, the standard treatment tip, and the power adaptor from the kit.
  • Ensure the O-ring is pre-installed along the flange of the treatment tip (the lip on the larger end). Verify the rubber O-ring is not cut, pinched, or torn.
  • Unscrew the plastic nose cone from the Phoenix, then insert the tip into the guide channel of the nose cone. Reinstall the nose cone, then secure the treatment tip to The Phoenix by hand (do not overtighten).
  • Once The Phoenix is assembled, plug the power cable (included) into the power port on the back of the Phoenix. Then, plug the wall transformer into a standard electrical outlet.
  • Rotate the power dial so it points straight up toward the digital display. It should click into position after 180 degrees of rotation.
  • If you have successfully powered on The Phoenix, you should see a test pattern that confirms the smart guidance system is working correctly.
  • Position the treatment tip as indicated by the smart guidance system, then press the power button to enter treatment mode. The Phoenix will begin to count the number of passes you perform, and you can view your progress on the progress bars along each side.
  • Blue pacing lights let you track your pace as you move from one end of your penis to the other. Try to keep up with the blue pacing bars to ensure optimal treatment.
  • Follow the instructions on the smart guidance system until therapy is complete.

The Phoenix Tech Specs

The Phoenix features the following technical specifications:

  • Safe Humidity Range: 0% to 93%
  • Safe Temperature Range: -25 to 70 degrees Celsius
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP22
  • US Patent Number: 11,304,870

What is the Price of Phoenix Male Enhancement Device?

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The Phoenix Male enhancement device is not a low cost equipment. However, if we compare it to the treatments you take at the physician’s clinic it has a justifiable price. The clinical treatment takes around 6 to 12 treatment sessions and each one of which costs at least $500. The official price of Phoenix device is $879. It seems to be a hefty amount; however, in order to facilitate its users the manufacturer keeps announcing various discounts and deals.

The Phoenix male enhancement device seems to be a good bargain compared to the oral treatments and creams that are chemically produced and have severe side effects to the health. Currently, the Phoenix ED device is offering the most affordable and convenient acoustic wave therapy option in the market.

Compare to the $500 per treatment session charges you get in a physician’s clinic, the Phoenix ED device delivers 70 full-strength treatments which comes out to less than $13 per treatment. It seems to be the least expensive and legitimate acoustic wave therapy method available so far in the market. Considering the benefits, safety and results, the cost of the Phoenix device seems to be very reasonable indeed.

Phoenix Male Enhancement Side Effects

  • So far acoustic therapy is safe and is clinically proven for its efficacy; however, in some cases, it can be harmful to persons having Blood Clotting Disorder. If you have been diagnosed with Blood Clotting Disorder then it is suggested not to use Phoenix male enhancement device without getting the approval from your physician.
  • Acoustic therapy can have contradictions with beta blockers. they are used to treat high blood pressure and have impact over erection quality. If you are having beta blockers then the Phoenix device may not help you in improving the erectile dysfunction. In this case, you should better your doctor to see if an alternative medication is available.
  • High blood glucose levels damage blood vessels and vital organs. Continuous high blood sugar levels prevent the acoustic therapy to work better.
  • Similarly high blood pressure levels need to be managed properly keeping in loop with your physician to maximize the results expected from the acoustic device.

How Long Do the Results Last With The Phoenix?

According to the Phoenix male enhancement device users, most men see immediate positive results after the first few treatments. There is no downtime or waiting period suggested by the manufacturer to reap the benefits. As per the zero downtime after a treatment session in the morning a guy is able to be intimate later that night and guys who complete their full treatment cycle of acoustic wave therapy can reap the benefits for up to two years depending on their physiological and physical health factors.

In aging men, it is important to keep in mind that even after a full treatment cycle, plaque is continue to build up in our arteries as we age. However, if you own the Phoenix acoustic wave therapy device you can use the device again in the future for additional treatments in case you notice a loss of performance. The Phoenix male enhancement device has introduced an innovative technology that help men not only reverse erectile dysfunction but also help them take preventative measures for long term power play in bed.

Advantages of Phoenix Male Enhancement Device

  • The Phoenix Ed device has been clinically tested and over 40 successful medical studies performed on acoustic therapy before introducing it to the customers.
  • Unlike chemically treated supplements or medicines, the acoustic wave or shockwave therapy is clinically proven safe and doesn’t have any side or adverse effects on human health.
  • The device offers you to get tailored treatment at the comfort of your home without spending excess money by visiting any physician’s clinic for the therapy sessions.
  • The best thing about this acoustic therapy device is you do not need to consume medicines that have possible side effects nor need to undergo the painful process of surgery.
  • Once you start getting therapy sessions, you are able to receive insignificant results. The device works naturally and helps to dilate blood vessels in the penile chamber that helps improve the flow of blood and oxygen result in overcoming your sexual health issues and improving erectile dysfunction. 
  • Unlike the surgical treatments and medicines that causes reaction such as nausea, head ache and blurry eyes; the acoustic therapy does not involve painful procedure or invasion.

Final Verdict

The Phoenix male enhancement device is the most effective and physician recommended device that is design to use at home. The device helps improve erectile dysfunction and revitalize erections at the comfort of their home just like they get treatments from a certified physician. It is a powerful standalone solution for those who cant afford to have in clinic treatments or therapies from certified physicians.

The Phoenix Ed device help men naturally treat their erectile dysfunction problem by clearing up the plaque stored in their penis while restoring the flow of blood and oxygen. Moreover, the acoustic waves therapy induces neovascularization for new veins and nerve growth which adds strength to the penile chamber. Most men see start experiencing positive results in between their first 6 to 12 treatment sessions; however, they can continue to use it even after a treatment cycle for touch ups and preventative care.