May 23, 2024

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10 Leading Steel Companies that Offer the Best TMT Bars in Hyderabad – Radha TMT

Top 10 Steel Companies

Building a home is the dream of millions of people. The house is more than bricks and mortar used for construction. It’s your sanctum where lifetime memories are built. Your dream home is a testament to the efforts and hard work you put into making it.

Building a home is the dream of millions of people. The house is more than bricks and mortar used for construction. It’s your sanctum where lifetime memories are built. Your dream home is a testament to the efforts and hard work you put into making it.

Underneath every coat of paint, wallpaper, carpet, dent on the wall, and strain on the ceiling lives a memory. Each time you glance at every bit and piece of the house speaks a thousand words making you indulge in nostalgia.

Various things need to be considered while building your dream house. The design of the house, planning to accommodate your own unique needs, setting a budget, lighting, automation, and various government regulations. While paying heed to the majority of the things mentioned above. We are complacent in paying heed to the foundation of our dream home.

TMT bars are the essential construction material for your home’s safe structure and longevity. Moreover, the million-dollar question remains to find the best TMT steel companies which are reputed and trustworthy to invest your hard-earned money. Hyderabad is the ideal place serving home to the best TMT steel companies.

Here is the list of the manufacturers of the best TMT bars in Hyderabad.

1) Radha TMT Bars

Radha TMT is a leading TMT steel company manufacturer of one of the best TMT bars in HyderabadThey are an excellent choice for building your dream home. Moreover, they are a leading manufacturer of high-quality infrastructural TMT-steel bars catering to the growing markets of India. Through its advanced steel plant in Shankarampet village Chegunta Mandal in Medak district, it serves the infrastructure needs of south India.

A hallmark of excellence is the Radha group. Late Shri Radheshyam Ji Saraf started the company in the 1960s. The legacy expanded in time, and the mantle was passed on to his sons, Shri Sunil Saraf and Shri Suman Saraf.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing units comprise steel melting induction furnaces, a complete automated high-speed steel rolling mill, Continuous Casting Machine (CCM), and world-class testing facilities to produce high-quality primary steel.

Using the Radha TMT bar ensures your house remains safe and sound and serves you faithfully for years to come.

2) Tata Tiscon SD

Tata Steel was incorporated as Asia’s first private steel company by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in 1907; built on a foundation of trust, commitment to innovation & sustainable growth is the hallmark of Tata Steel. Tata Steel serves a global Tata Steel Limited market and is the Tata Tiscon SD manufacturer.

Tata Tiscon SD TMT bars offer strength and ductility and are manufactured using advanced technology. They have a uniform stress-bearing capacity compared to ordinary bars, with the ability to withstand extreme pressure and stand strong in adverse weather.

3) Vizag TMT 500D

RINL( Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited) is the manufacturer of Vizag TMT 500D in Hyderabad.

Vizag TMT 500D offers excellent strength and high ductility. The elongation value is much higher in comparison to regular bars. Construction using Vizag TMT 500D guarantees a healthy long-standing structure due to its high tensile strength.

4) Jindal Panther Fe 550D TMT

Jindal Panther Fe 550D is produced by Jindal Steel and Power Limited TMT steel company in Hyderabad. Fe 550D TMT grade bars carry advanced physical, chemical, and mechanical properties compared to other typical bars’ strength grades. It is suitable for seismic zones as steel remains ductile by maintaining a lower carbon percentage during manufacturing.

5) Shyam Steel Fe500D TMT

Shyam Steel Industries Limited, Hyderabad, produces Shyam Steel Fe500D TMT. They can withstand a high-weight load without giving away and are ideal for constructing bridges, dams, flyovers, and power plants. Such TMT bars do not need pre or post-welding treatment due to their thermo-mechanical treatment.


VIKI Industries Private Limited, Hyderabad, is the producer of STEEL XLS TMT. VIKI TMT steel company uses copper to ensure the structure lasts long and stays strong and healthy. Uniform elongation of 6% offers to rebend capabilities and gives the bar excellent bends. With STEEL XLS ready-made steel, there is no material wastage, which helps you save 8% of your construction cost leading to cost-effectiveness

7) JSW Neosteel 500D

JSW Steel Limited, Hyderabad, produces JSW Neosteel 500D. These TMT bars are made from virgin iron ore for better durability and strength. Apart from offering strength to the structure, it also reduces construction costs by lowering steel usage.

8) Rathi Shaktiman

Rathi Shaktiman is made by Rathi Steel and Power Limited, Hyderabad. It’s equivalent to British standard B500C steel bars with its unique double-66-pattern design. Moreover, the unique pattern grants uniform bonding with the concrete by using a CNC notch-cutting machine while constructing a structure.


Steel Authority of India Limited is the manufacturer of Sail TMT HCR EAQR. It comprises excellent bendability, high strength, high corrosion resistance properties, high-temperature thermal resistance, and good weldability.

10)  Kay2 XENOX TMT

KAY2 Steel Limited, Hyderabad, produces Kay2 XENOX TMT. Hexagonal Molecular Bonding, due to the compact rib pattern, increases immunity to damage during an earthquake and adds longevity to the structure. When the concrete with the ribbon pattern comes into contact with the concrete, through its ribbon pattern, hexagonal molecular bonding can overcome the corrosion rate when it comes in contact with concrete.


Each TMT steel company holds distinct advantages. Out of the many, Radha TMT is a renowned name and manufacturer of one of the best TMT bars in Hyderabad. They offer high-quality steel at affordable prices. In addition, they have an enormous innovative production capacity focusing on reliability and quality to meet construction requirements for all kinds of projects.