December 2, 2023

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Everything You Need to Know about Australian Tourist Visa for Parents in 2023

visitor visa subclass 600

Are you trying to figure out a method to bring your parents to Australia? Good news the ideal answer is an Australian Tourist visitor visa subclass 600, which is neither as difficult nor intimidating as you may anticipate.

Are you trying to figure out a method to bring your parents to Australia? Good news the ideal answer is an Australian Tourist visitor visa subclass 600, which is neither as difficult nor intimidating as you may anticipate.

By the time you finish reading this blog, you’ll be prepared to assist your parents in leaving on their trip, having learned how to manage the paperwork, investigate visa requirements, and identify financial commitments. More useful tips on how an Australian tourist visa might fulfill family trip fantasies.

Basic Conditions for Parents Obtaining an Australian Visitor Visa

To qualify for a visitor visa subclass 600, the Department of Home Affairs mandates that all visitors to Australia fulfill a number of prerequisites. These prerequisites consist of:

  1. A valid passport and other travel papers are required
  2. Cannot have a criminal record
  3. Must be in a stable financial position and have the resources necessary to pay for their stay in Australia.
  4. Must adhere to the Department of Home Affairs’s health standards (DHA)
  5. Must be able to prove that they have the intention to travel to Australia for a short time.

Health conditions

  1. Before receiving an Australian visa, every candidate is required to go through an obligatory medical examination.
  2. If an applicant is coming from a certain region of the world, they could need extra vaccines.

Character specifications

  1. To demonstrate that they have no prior convictions for crimes or other violations, all candidates must submit a police certificate or the results of a criminal record check.
  2. They must also be morally upright and respect Australian laws, traditions, and values.

Visa requirements

  1. The only permitted paid employment for visa holders in Australia is volunteer labor.
  2. It may be necessary for applicants to provide evidence of their visit’s solely touristic intent, such as itinerary or hotel reservations.

Travel Protection

  1. Before departing for Australia, all candidates are required to acquire travel insurance.
  2. Medical bills, repatriation fees, and other possible losses suffered in the nation should all be covered by the policy.

Should I Submit My Application to the Australian Embassy in Person or Online?

You have the option of submitting your parents visa Australia for tourist visa application online or at an Australian consulate. Either choice may be advantageous for you, depending on your circumstances and preferences. You will receive a speedier answer and be able to follow the development of your visa application if you submit online.

On the other hand, making a presentation in person at an Australian embassy is more participatory and hands-on since you may ask questions and have a person advise and assist you throughout the procedure.

The Total Cost of a Parent’s Australian Tourist Visa

The Australian visitor visa subclass 600 for parents is a desirable alternative for families with parents who are visiting Australia to spend some quality time together. Australian tourist visas for parents are surprisingly affordable and provide a hassle-free and pleasurable journey for you and your family.

The total price of the Australian parent’s ticket might range from AU$145 to about AU$780 depending on your specific circumstances, such as why you are visiting Australia.

Benefits of the Australian Tourist Visa

Main advantages of the Australian Tourist Visa for Parents are listed below:

  • Cost-effective Visitor Visa Fee
  • A simpler procedure and quicker outcomes
  • Allowing Multiple Entries
  • A maximum 12-month stay is permitted.
  • Possibilities to Explore the Nation
  • Have access to cost-free medical car
  • Savour regional cuisine


It need not be difficult to apply for a parents visa Australia. Examine the specifications, compile the required paperwork, and submit your application online or at an Australian embassy. The application cost must be paid, don’t forget! You may reserve your travel and lodging in Australia once your visa has been completed.