June 19, 2024


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4 Important Things New Dirt Bike Riders Should Know

When driving any kind of vehicle for the first time, your nerves, excitement, and other feelings can make it difficult to get started on the right foot. This is usually the case for new dirt bike riders. What should you do to make your first ride on your 125cc dirt bike or 150cc dirt bike a success?

If you are trying dirt bike riding for the first time, there are a few important things that you should know to have the best experience. Whether you are riding a 125cc Dirt Bike or a 150cc dirt bike, the following tips can help ensure that you, other riders, and the other people around you are safe and having fun:

1. Invest In Quality Protective Gear

Many people consider dirt bike riding an extreme sport. To them, the thought of driving a bike on rough dirt roads and rugged terrain seems risky and dangerous. While their opinions are justified, there are ways to boost safety and security while riding. Before going on your first dirt bike ride, you should get the right kind of protective gear, including high-quality helmets and boots.

2. Your Dirt Bike’s Clutch Is Different From A Car’s

Dirt bikes and cars have clutches for changing gears. However, they are not operated are do not work the same way. When driving a car, you are told to not ride the clutch because doing so could result in excessive wear and tear. When riding a dirt bike, you can pull the clutch in a little bit to reduce your speed before a turn and not cause serious damage to your bike. Furthermore, you have to use the clutch every time you change gears in a car, whether to shift up or down. In dirt bikes, you only have to use the clutch when shifting up and not when shifting down.

3. Riding A Dirt Bike Is Not The Same As Riding A Bike

Many dirt bike accidents are a result of treating a dirt bike like a bicycle. Some people sit on a dirt bike like they are on a bike, putting all their weight on their buttocks, placing their elbows down, and so on. When riding a dirt bike, you should have an aggressive posture for better control — sit forward, put your weight on the foot pegs, raise your elbows high and away from your body, and squeeze the bike between your knees.

4. Regular Maintenance Is Essential

Like other types of vehicles, dirt bikes can avoid problems if they go through routine maintenance checks. They have to get an oil change after every 8 hours of use. They need their tire pressure checked often. Their air filters have to be washed and coated with oil frequently too. Whether done by yourself or a mechanic, you have to make sure that these maintenance steps are done regularly to keep your dirt bike going for a long time.