July 14, 2024


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Stay at Green Oriental Hotel, Get the Colorful Charm of Xinjiang

Jimsar County is located at the eastern end of the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang, and has many natural and cultural landscapes. Many beautiful and magical attractions make tourists linger and forget to return travelodge discount code nhs.

Jimsar County is located at the eastern end of the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang, and has many natural and cultural landscapes. Many beautiful and magical attractions make tourists linger and forget to return travelodge discount code nhs.

The ancient city of Beiting, Xida Temple, the vast desert scenery, the unique ancient sea hot spring, the Cheshi ancient road running through the Tianshan Mountains to Turpan, the Longgou ruins, the mountain springs along the way, etc. 

The newly opened GreenTree Eastern Xinjiang Changji Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone Wucai New City Hotel (GreenTree Eastern) welcomes guests from all over the world with oriental hospitality.

Oriental elegance

GreenTree Eastern is a mid-to-high-end boutique hotel under the GreenTree Hospitality Group, advocating the “tailor-made” design concept, integrating the profound oriental culture with local urban characteristics, maintaining Chinese style and individuality cultural flavor.

The warm white surround in the lobby adds extra points to the excellent lighting. The quiet gray floor tiles and low-saturation furniture and decorations extend the pure, restrained, quiet and pleasant atmosphere of the space in all aspects.

The classic and elegant couch echoes the tone of the square coffee table, perfectly interpreting the modern sense of hierarchy.

The guest rooms are made of solid wood, light gray and pure white. Large landscape paintings and vintage carpets add a touch of classic texture to the gentle and elegant atmosphere. With green embellishments, the overall space is brighter and softer.

Quality enjoyment

The hotel has Sleeping Zero Pressure Queen Room, Oriental Executive Suite, Smart Family Room and other different room types to meet the needs of guests. The voice control brought by technology allows you to experience the fun and convenience brought by artificial intelligence.

The buffet breakfast here has a wide variety and balanced nutrition; it is equipped with a gym, fully automatic washing machine and dryer to help you enjoy sports.

Two meeting rooms can accommodate more than 30-100 guests at the same time, and advanced audio-visual and media systems are dedicated to providing Every guest provides better service. Get NHS TUI

Regional charm

The hotel (GreenTree Eastern) is located on Keqi Road, Jimsar County, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, near the County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, County Trade Market, Caishen Street, Tingzhou Bay Viewing Area, Music Night Market.

Wanghong Bridge, Beiting Wetland Parks, shopping, leisure and entertainment are all available; you can also drive to famous scenic spots such as Wucai Bay to feel the charm of the region.

Let’s go on a journey of colorful exploration and enjoy peace and comfort at GreenTree Eastern Hotel!

Marriott’s AC Hotel brand debuts for the first time 

AC Hotel, one of the 30 extraordinary brands under Marriott Bonvoy, announced the opening of AC Hotel Suzhou, marking the first appearance of the lifestyle hotel brand in China. AC Hotel Suzhou is located in the heart of the historic Gusu District.

From the hotel, guests can easily go to famous scenic spots such as the Lion Forest and Humble Administrator’s Garden.

In addition, the hotel also provides convenient conditions for guests to travel efficiently – guests can walk to Beitasi subway station, and only 2.5 kilometers to Suzhou high-speed railway station by car.

It takes 30 minutes to travel between Shanghai and Suzhou easily by high-speed railway. Travelodge Discount Code NHS

The exterior design of AC Hotel Suzhou draws on the white mud walls, dark gray clay tile roofs, and undulating and folded geometric figures that are common in traditional Suzhou architecture. The hotel has 135 rooms and suites, 5 of which are courtyard rooms.

The hotel features a series of multifunctional shared spaces. Among them, the all-day AC Kitchen offers a variety of buffet options such as Spanish-style dishes, and AC Kitchen also offers classic Soviet-style cuisine.

The hotel has a 50-square-meter multi-functional hall, which can be flexibly arranged as a small banquet hall or business meeting room according to the needs of different guests.

In addition, the hotel also has a well-equipped 24-hour fitness center, allowing guests to maintain a healthy rhythm during the journey.

Manzhou Hotel (Shunan Zhuhai Branch)

Manzhou Hotel (Shunan Zhuhai Branch) opened in 2022. It is located at No. 8, Section 2, Zhuhai Road, Changning County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, adjacent to Shunan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, Qidonggou Scenic Area, Folai Mountain and Shunan Huahai and so on.

Manzhou Hotel (Shunan Zhuhai Branch) has very convenient transportation. It is about 2.3 kilometers away from the high-speed rail station and can be reached by car in about 10 minutes.

Room style

The shower heats up in 7 seconds, and some room types use comfortable latex mattresses, allowing you to have a deep and good sleep travelodge discount code nhs.

The hotel insists on strict cleanliness. The guest rooms are equipped with disposable environmentally friendly face towels and bath towels, which are truly for one guest, one use. If you need to add traditional bath towels, you can call the front desk.

The hotel provides laundry services, hanging ironing services, as well as sewing kits, convenient medicine boxes, nail clippers, matches, etc. There is also a 72-hour charging cable in the room.

You call “Xiaodu Xiaodu” and issue corresponding instructions, such as “turn on the light”, “turn off the light”, “open the curtain”, “close the curtain”, “turn on the air conditioner”.

“Turn off the air conditioner”, “turn on the TV”, “turn off the TV”, “I want to sleep “La”, “I’m going to get up” and so on, you can control the room facilities by voice.

Shunan Bamboo Sea

Shunan Bamboo Sea is the largest natural bamboo forest scenic spot in the world. Its unique geographical location has created the “cloud mountain bamboo sea, heaven and earth”.

It is rare in the world and the only bamboo culture and bamboo ecological leisure and vacation destination in China that integrates bamboo scenery, mountains and rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and ancient temples, and also has a long history of cultural landscapes.

The vegetation coverage rate of Shunan Bamboo Sea is as high as 92.4%. The scenic area is green and pleasant, and the air is fresh. It is a natural green oxygen bar travelodge discount code nhs.


Qidonggou, known as Tiger Leaping Rock and Feiquan Gorge in ancient times, is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national forest health care base, and a provincial film and television shooting base.

The scenic spot is located in Changning County, the hometown of longevity, one of the top ten famous ecological health tourism counties in China, and the most beautiful county in China in 2019. It is a typical Danxia Canyon landform, with a forest coverage rate of 96%.

The Cymbidium spinosa community is in patches, and negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter The content is as high as 47,000, ranking first in Sichuan.

The summer temperature is nearly 10 degrees lower than that of Yibin City. It is a famous summer resort and a natural oxygen bar.

There are seven Dongya tombs (Eastern Han Dynasty), an ancient temple of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Feiquan Temple, a thousand-year-old Phoebe Forest.

A 9D cloud sea glass bridge, Ganquan Cave and alsophila ditch, Hongmogou, Xiangbigou, Yanzhigou, etc. , and there are many experience projects such as Grand Canyon ecological rafting, high-altitude zip line and dry slide.

The hotel is located in Changning County, where taxis and Didi taxis are very convenient. The hotel provides parking spaces and paid charging piles, as well as printing, copying and taxi calling services.